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Mover Console 1024ch
  • MOQ: 2 pcs
  • Delivery time: within 7 days
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Payment: t/t
  • Certificate: CE, RoHS
  • Shipped from Guangzhou, China
  • 1024-channel DMX controller
    ART-NET Port:Support
    Channels for each fixture:40 primary + 40  fine tune
    Library:Avolite Pearl R20 library supported
    Time control of Scenes:Fade in/out, LTP  slope
    Shape generator:Shapes of Dimmer, Pan/Tilt, RGB, CMY, Color, Gobo, Iris and Focus
    Master slider:Global
    USB Memory:FAT32 supported
    Built-in  shape:227
    Program  to record:100
    Playbacksto run simultaneously:12
    Scene steps:600
    Shapes to run simultaneously:10
    LCD display with back light:Support
    Bilingual operation:Support
    Scene and dimmer by slider:Support
    Swap Scene:Support
    Flash Scene:Support
    Re-patched Fixture address:Support
    Swap Pan/Tilt:Support
    Channel slope modification:Support
    Reversed channel output:Support
    Real time blackout:Support
    Channel value by wheel:Support
    Channel value by slider:Support
    Dimmer by slider:Support
    Gooseneck light: optional
    Power input: AC 100 -240V/50-60Hz.
    Product size: 500*460*120 mm
    Product weight: 10.5KG

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