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LED Flex Neon Light
  • MOQ: 2 pcs
  • Delivery time: within 7 days
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Payment: t/t
  • Certificate: CE, RoHS
  • Shipped from Guangzhou, China
  • Features and Benefits
    1.Safety. Can operate on low voltage 12V or 24V and it is shockproof and emits very little heat.
    2.Energy saving.Utilizing ultra bright LED as light source, it saves up to 70% or more on power.

    3. Flexibility.It can be bent to a minimum radius of 4cm, and be cut at any length at cutting mark. Ideal to shape letters, patterns, motifs and other applications.

    Light source: SMD2835 (single color) or SDM5050 (RGB)
    Beam angle: >270°
    LED quantity: 60pcs per meter
    Colors: single color or RGB 3in1
    Single color: Red, Green, Blue, White, Warm White, Yellow, Pink, Violet
    Cutting length: 0.1m or 0.5m
    Power input: DC 12V/24V
    Power/meter: 14.4W
    Length: 50m per roll
    IP rating: IP66

    Order code
    X=R/G/B/Y/W/WW/Y/P/V or RGB (3in1)
    DC 12V
    X=R/G/B/Y/W/WW/Y/P/V or RGB (3in1)
    DC 24V
    X=R/G/B/Y/W/WW/Y/P/V or RGB (3in1)
    AC 120V
    X=R/G/B/Y/W/WW/Y/P/V or RGB (3in1)
    AC 240V

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